फोर्टिस अस्पताल के डॉक्टरों ने रोगी को कीड़े से पहने हुए ग्लूकोज ड्रिप को लागू किया

Fortis Hospital doctors applied worms-attired glucose drip to patient

Faridabad/ Alive News: A matter of negligence with patient came fore in Fortis Hospital, Faridabad today. Doctor applied worms-attired glucose drip to the patient, which was seen by the patient’s kin and informed the senior doctors about the incident, later it was immediately removed. The hospital administration assured the patient’s kin to investigate the matter. The matter came to light in the hospital on Monday when the patient’s husband Lalit Gupta resident of Ballabgarh brought his wife on the complained of having pain to Fortis Hospital.  A big negligence by the doctors came during her treatment. They applied worms-attired glucose drip to the patient. This negligence caught a little bit clamors in the hospital, but later the victim came out with his wife without further treatment taking from the hospital and demanded action against the doctors.

The victim Lalit said it is a shocking matter, people come to hospital to be cure, but this negligence could put the patient at risk.
Lalit said he informed about the incident to the higher authority of the hospital, they immediately removed the glucose drip and said an investigation would be conducted in this regard. He said the hospital authority would be responsible if any untoward incident occurs with his wife. He has got his wife discharged from the hospital, but is demanding action against the hospital.

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