लता भगवान राय ने अपनी आंखें दान कीं

Late Bhagwan Dai donates her eyes

Hodal/ Alive News: Late Bhagwan Dai became immortal after donating her eyes. According to her wishes, her husband Fakira Singh as well as son Dr Mahendra Sing and Rajender Singh got her eyes donated to Dr Shroff Charity Eye Hospital, Delhi with cooperation of Palwal Donors Club ‘Jyotipuj’ here today.

Palwal Donors Club’s ‘Jyotipunj’ coordinator Aryavir Lion told that councillor Lakhvinder Saurot, social activist Ashish Aggarwal and the chairperson of Mahavir International Palwal Udan Vira Alpna Mittal played pivotal role in the eye donation and letter the coordinator of Dharma Jagaran Manch, Faridabad Dr Mahender Singh and his family members paid last rites in her native village Saundh.

During this, Gopal Prasad Gurg, Rakesh Kalda, District BJP President Jawahar Singh Saurot, Market Committee Chairman Jagmohan Goel, Arun Zaildar, Surinder Deswal etc. were present over there.

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