रोगी के उपचार के लिए बीके अस्पताल आ रहा है, हृदय का दौरा पड़ने पर गिर गया

Faridabad: A patient came to his treatment in BK Hospital, suddenly fell in the cardiac attack, but he was very lucky, which he overcame the deadly disease. He was rushed into heart center, where the doctor started his treatment and now he is out of serious.

The patient Ramesh resident of Palwal having complained of chest pain came to see doctor in BK hospital. He fell in cardiac attack as soon as he went to get his ECG done. He was rushed to Angiography.  Dr Manish under aegis of senior heart specialist, Dr Om Jiwan started the patient’s surgery. He was inserted a stunt and cardiac blockage was opened.

Dr Om Jiwan said that now the patient’s condition improved and he came out of danger and delay in such a situation could prove to dangerous.

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